Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kent Ponds

The Green River Natural Resource Area, or Kent Ponds, is a 304 acre multi-use refuge in Kent, Washington. It's a former sewage lagoon system that has been successfully converted into a stormwater detention and enhanced wetland facility. It can be approached from 64th Ave near the Kent Animal Shelter, or better yet, from Russell Road along the Green River near Van Doren's Landing Park.

The Kent Ponds are home to a diverse wildlife habitat, including Bald Eagle, Perrigrines, Kestrels, hawks, herons, ducks and shorebirds. Coyotes sometimes make an appearance too. Three separate towers allow for viewing across the entire area. Each tower is approached via a separate trail.

Early mornings are an excellent time to visit. Last weekend herons seemed to be the main attraction, with 4-5 witnessed on the fence near the paved trail and wandering around in the tall grass near the middle tower. Happy birding!

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