Monday, September 21, 2009

Rewards from Glacier National Park

My recent backcountry trip in Glacier National Park was an incredible experience and a trip that, for many reasons, I will remember for a long time. The flowers, the sunsets, the wildlife, the adventure, the companionship - it was all there.

The trip was a return to one of my favorite national parks, and the completion of a classic trek that I have been trying to do for several years. Add a cross-country variation involving a climb over the shoulder of Mt. Kipp and the descent of a glacier to a beautiful lake in a deep cirque unaccessible by trail, and you have the makings of a most spectacular experience!

So it was to my utmost delight to learn that a couple of images from that trip have already been selected to accompany an article in an up-coming issue of a popular magazine. The layout will include my first double-page spread!

Glacier NP is not only a beautiful place to visit, but is rich with history as well. When making your vacation plans for next year, I highly recommend considering it as your destination of choice.

If planning a trip for flowers, I would aim for the last week of July or first week of August. I chose the first week of August and you can see the results! However, flowers were past their prime in many areas that we visited, and I think my preference would be a week sooner.


  1. Whoa, so that photo request really did happen! Nice to see this for you Don!

    I was going to say great job, but I still hate you for getting to do such a nice trip - but I decided not to! Oh, wait, I just did :)

    Get another photo or two next issue and you'll be a regular for them. Maybe I'll be in the next issue too with you then. Hey, they know where to come when needing photos of dandelions leaves or stinging nettles I tell ya.....

  2. I seem to recall you being invited on said "such a nice trip" ;)

  3. Well of course I was - how nice of you to schedule it right during the week of my family vacation in August....major husband points would have been defaulted. Sigh.