Tuesday, January 19, 2010

National Geographic Central Cascades Map

Spray Park has always been one of my favorite destinations in Mount Rainier National Park. The hike to it is relatively short by hiking standards. It offers some of the best wildflower displays in the park. And it provides incredible up-close views of the mountain. The park is a paradise for photographers - offering numerous lakes and tarns as well!

Others appear to agree as I have sold more images from this side of The Mountain than any other.

So it is with great pride that I share my recent endeavor with National Geographic and their Central Cascades map.

You may download the digital version of the map for free here.

Added: This image also accompanies an article by Terry Richard in today's (Wednesday) Oregonian explaining the scope of the project, and the partnership of The National Geographic Society, traveloregon.com and experiencewa.com in putting it together. It's a very informative piece and a recommended read.

(link fixed!)


  1. Great photo, Don! Now I know what I missed - I hiked to Spray Park from Mowich three days in a row last summer and only once got a fleeting glimpse of The Mountain through the fog. Guess I'll have to try again this summer!

  2. Oops - I deleted my own post on accident! Thanks again for the nice words Greg.