Monday, October 25, 2010

Painted Hills Unit - John Day Fossil Beds National Park

One of Oregon's most recognizable locations, the Painted Hills are a photographer's delight, offering an array of contrasting colors, appearing to have been "painted" on the hillsides. The colors change with the light throughout the day - from gold and orange to deep reds at twilight. Add some storm clouds in the sky and the scene becomes even more intense!

The Painted Hills Unit are located 9 miles from Mitchell, and 75 miles east of Bend. Flowers here typically peak in late April or early May. I missed them on this particular trip (giving me reason to go back!).

I've recently added a new gallery of these images to my web site, to include the Sheep Rock Unit, as well as a new Smith Rock State Park gallery. It was fun to revisit this trip and relive the memories. I hope you enjoy.

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