Friday, December 31, 2010

Views from Discovery Park

The last day of 2010 and how did I spend my morning? Visiting a location I have never been too - Discovery Park in Seattle!

To top it off, it was pretty much an accident. I left home this morning to visit the piers on the Seattle waterfront, only to realize that I had forgotten my wallet at home, and thus had no means to pay for parking (there were some other obvious concerns too, which will go without saying).

So I continued along the waterfront towards the Magnolia Bridge, visiting Elliott Bay Park, Magnolia Park, and finally, Discovery Park.

Discovery Park is a lot bigger than I imagined. And those rabits...

I followed the loop trail from the south parking lot towards the water and soon found some nice, uncompromised views of the Olympics. Despite the cold, there was still a lot of haze in the air.
It was fun seeing the Olympic Mountains in all their winter splendor, and from a new vantage point. I definitely have reason to return!

Tonight and tomorrow I hope to continue my streak of visiting new places around the city. Stay tuned!

Oh, and have a fun and safe New Years!


  1. Happy New Year Don!

    I'm glad to see you were outdoors today too ... Discovery Park is a real gem. As are the other parks between Discovery and the piers. Did you see the Sculpture Park too?

    Bob and I drove out to Enumclaw today for a short hike. The Mountain was OUT!


  2. Happy New Year to you too, Karen!

    Yes, all those parks have something to offer for sure! I did not stop at the Sculpture Park (are you talking about the one along Elliott Ave?).


  3. Amazing shots!! How far in until you got these? Im going to Seattle next & I would love to see this view of the olympics!! thanks for the help!

  4. Hello Andrew, views are pretty quick - no worries!

  5. thats amazing!! Do you thing they would be in this full of view this time of year? Like this upcoming weekend?