Sunday, January 23, 2011

Schwabacher Landing - Grand Teton National Park

Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park offers excellent reflection shots at sunrise and late morning (early morning finds the light rather flat).

It's also on nearly every photographer's radar, so don't expect to be alone! I arrived over 1-1/2 hours before sunrise, only to notice headlamps already descending the trail from the parking lot. Upon arriving at the pond I wished to shoot from, a few photographers were already set up in total darkness, certainly having scouted the location the day prior (having arrived at the park late the previous evening, this was not an option for me).

I set my tripod up next to them in the dark, unable to see anything - including my subject! I quickly became involved in conversation with them, and much joking and camaraderie ensued. In fact, I ran into one of the photographers again at Oxbow Bend later in my trip, and then again in Yellowstone the following year!

While we photographed first light on the Tetons, the droves began to arrive (I've never understood late arrivals). Though I've found most photographers to be very courteous and respectful, you do run into a bad apple now and then. This was one of those times. Though the photographer next to me and I had our tripod legs intertwined so nobody could get between us, a late arrival still repeatedly tried and we were forced to take issue with her. She was part of a workshop - an irresponsible one.

The morning that unfolded before us was a beautiful one, and I felt fortunate to have been a part of it. Fall colors were peaking during my visit, which did not come by accident. I had actually delayed my trip by a week at the last moment when I realized they were running later than normal. This preparedness in my trip planning did not go unrewarded!

I will have many more trip posts from this magnificent national park as I prepare my new Grand Teton National Park web gallery - stay tuned!

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