Monday, August 1, 2011

Shriner Peak in Mount Rainier National Park

Early light on Mount Rainier
Shriner Peak is located on the east side of Mount Rainier National Park and affords an excellent vantage of sunrise on the mountain.  Because its approach is mostly on southern aspect slopes, it tends to melt out earlier than other high trails in the park.

An attractive feature of this peak is that it offers a small campground on its summit!  That's right fellow photographers - no wandering in the dark with headlamp to capture sunrise, it's right in front of you!
Morning alpenglow on Mount Rainier
Another fun feature of camping on this summit is that it is the one location I have found in the park that offers a spectator's seat to both the Disappointment Cleaver (DC) and Emmons climbing routes.  Awake around midnight and you can see a trail of lights beginning their ascent of both climbing routes!

You can leave your wide angle lens at home for this one.  A better choice is 24-70mm and even 70-200mm.  Don't forget opportunities for evening light on Mount Adams and the Goat Rocks to the south!

Early light on on Mount Rainier and Cowlitz Chimneys
 I've offered detailed trip reports at both NWhikers and WTA.  This is a hot, dry trail on a sunny day, so bring plenty of water.  The only water source is 1 mile, and ~800' below the summit.  Two campsights with a view await those willing to work for them!

For more images from Mount Rainier National Park, be sure and check out my Rainier gallery!

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