Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2015 Calendar Images

A rainbow in the Wind River Range, Wyoming.
Double rainbow in Wind River Range, Wyoming.
 I can't believe it has been a month since my last post.  Things have been quite busy of late, starting with recent knee surgery.  I tore the medial meniscus in my right knee somehow, which required surgery about 3 weeks ago.  Recovery has been going well, but I am no where near where I would like to be.  When you are an active person, it is very hard to sit.  I would much rather be running, bicycling and enjoying snowshoe hikes in the mountains!

The downtime does allow me some opportunities to catch up things, however.  Such as planning future hikes and photography trips, getting caught up on photo submissions to both editors and my agency, and even getting some web work in.  Still...

As such, I thought I would share a couple of images that have been selected to repeat in a 2015 calendar.  I know, it's a long way off.  But that is how calendar companies operate.  They are always working 1-2 years ahead to allow for submissions, image selection, layout design, and production.  These can be time consuming tasks.

Mount St. Helens above flowers near summit of Mount Margaret in Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington.
Mount St. Helens from Mount Margaret.
The image above was taken near the Elkhart Entrance to the Wind River Range in Wyoming.  We had just arrived after a long day of driving from Washington state, and were setting up to sleep at the TH.  A storm had just come through, and as the clouds slowly began to clear this beautiful double rainbow emerged. 

The image to the right is from a very special backpack I did with my dad into the Mount Margaret backcountry in Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, and was taken very near the summit of Mount Margaret.  This was during a time of considerable thermal activity inside the crater as the dome was growing at an escalated pace and captivating the curiosity of geologists and researchers.

Both these images are available for purchase as prints on my website.

I have many other things going on as well, which I hope to catch up with and share soon.

As always, thanks for viewing.  Hope to see you on the trail (or snow slopes) soon!

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