Friday, December 28, 2012

Photographing Mount Assiniboine

Mount Assiniboine reflected in Lake Magog.
I can't think of a more iconic mountain for the Canadian Rockies than Mount Assiniboine, and I have learned in recent years just how world-renowned it is.  It is the 'Matterhorn of the Rockies'.  I have sold usage rights for my images of Assiniboine to calendars, books, magazines, and even product packaging.  The only mountain I have sold more images of is Mount Rainier.

This image of Mount Assiniboine reflected in the waters of Lake Magog in the early morning hours is appearing in a magazine in the Czech Republic.  It was taken several years ago during a multi-day backpack.  I had plans to revisit the area this past fall, but it didn't happen.

Mount Assiniboine is most commonly reached by a 17 mile hike up Bryant Creek and over Assiniboine Pass (with Wonder Pass a wonderful option on the return) or via helicopter on select days.  One can elect to stay in the lodge, the Naiset Huts or Lake Magog Campground.  More information can be found here.

September is a wonderful month to visit for photography as one can catch the larches turning color.  Excellent compositions can be had from the shore of Lake Magog (in front of the lodge).  If the water doesn't cooperate in catching the reflection of the peak, there is a tarn nearby that is more sheltered from the breeze and may serve you better.  Don't forget to hike up The Nub for a more encompassing view.  Also, be sure and check out Og Pass where you can frame the mountain above the larch.  Wonder Pass offers excellent photography as well and is a must visit, though Assiniboine will not be your subject matter here.  In all cases, morning offers the best light

The best lens selection for this area is a wide-angle.  As always, bring your polarizer and a selection of GND filters.

This image and more of the Canadian Rockies will be up on my website shortly.

Happy shooting!

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