Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visit Rainier Brochure

2013 VisitRainier Brochure
 I'm pleased to share the 2013 Visit Rainier Brochure, which sports one of my images of Mount Rainier on its cover.  The image was taken from Spray Park during flower season, close to sunset.  Spray Park is one of my favorite destinations in the park.  Many times I have hiked up to these meadows in the late afternoon and photographed the flowers and sunset, then returned to my truck in the dark with headlamp.

There is so much to do at Mount Rainier throughout the year, whether you like to climb, hike, horseback ride, fish, car camp, ski, snowshoe, etc.  Local communities around the park offer additional ammenities to those in the park.

So where do you start your planning?

If you plan to visit Mount Rainier National Park, I highly recommend you visit the Visit Rainier web site.  It is the ultimate planning site for the park, offering recommendations for lodging, eating, recreation, maps, current road and trail conditions, web cams and more!  It really is an all-in-one site for planning.  Check them out!

The Visit Rainier brochure is available at most businesses around the park, and is free.  Pick one up!

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