Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow Geese in Numbers!

Snow geese near Stanwood, WA.
Straight from Russia, in numbers!  Every year these magnificent birds migrate south from their breeding grounds on Wrangel Island off the northern coast in Russia's Siberia.  In any given February over 1,000 of them can be found residing in the Skagit Valley, most commonly on Fir Island.

This year I was fortunate to catch up to them near Stanwood, just off Thromle Road.  Look for large white patches in the fields as you drive along the country roads in the area.  They usually are not hard to spot.  Many Bald Eagles also winter in the area, and every so often one will fly over the flock, startling them and sending them into flight (typically not very far).

While you are in the area, watch for Snowy Owls as well.  I witnessed 5 in the area!  These birds tend to be at ground level as well, often perching on downed logs or drift wood.  They hunt at night and sleep during the day.  So if you see one, relish the experience and try not to disturb them.