Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Newly Updated South and Central Cascades Gallery

Prusik Peak and fall larches in the Enchantment Lakes area, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Cascade range, Washington, USA.
Prusik Peak above Gnome Tarn.
I recently updated my South and Central Cascades Gallery to include additional images of Mount St. Helens, as well as many images from a fall trip into the Enchantment Lakes.

The images of Mount St. Helens were taken during a trip in which I spent the evening photographing on Johnston Ridge, then drove through the night to Windy Ridge for sunrise.  As I neared the Windy Ridge parking lot, the fog became thicker than I had ever witnessed, and I could not see to park!  I had to get out of my vehicle and carefully wander around in search of a parking stall.  Fortunately, I was very close to one and was able to return to my vehicle and safely maneuver to a safe parking spot for the night!

The Enchantment Lakes are a beautiful set of high elevation lakes in a granite basin near Leavenworth, Washington.  My favorite time to visit them is in early to mid October after the larches have turned.  Due to the high elevation, this can often mean snow!  Thus was the case during this visit.

I hope you enjoy the new additions!