Saturday, December 29, 2018

Snoqualmie Falls In Winter

Snoqualmie Falls in winter amidst a winter wonderland, Snoqualmie, Washington
Snoqualmie Falls in winter from the lower viewpoint
I'm pleased to announce that this special image of Snoqualmie Falls, taken during an exceptional December cold spell, will be used by Seattle University for a "Mountains to Sound" course they are teaching this winter, which focuses on the geology of the I-90 corridor.  Students will even be visiting the falls mid-course - hopefully it won't be this icy!

This image was taken at sunrise during a particularly harsh December cold spell, causing the spray of the falls to freeze against the surrounding rock and creating a true winter wonderland!

Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington states most scenic attractions, with 1.5 million visitors annually.  This dramatic 270 foot waterfall is a sight to behold as it plunges to a pool of the Snoqualmie River below.

The best views, in my opinion, are from the observation deck, only 200 feet from the parking lot.  However, the interesting alternate scene pictured here can be viewed by hiking the path down to the base of the falls, or finding the lower parking lot off SE Fish Hatchery Road.

This is one of many images I have taken of Snoqualmie Falls.  If you wish to view more, please feel free to visit my Snoqualmie Falls Gallery.

As always, thanks for looking, and enjoy your winter!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Ptarmigan Tunnel - Glacier National Park

A hiker ascends the steep, exposed Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail in Glacier National Park, Montana.
Greg Moo makes the final ascent to Ptarmigan Tunnel from Elizabeth Lake
in Glacier National Park, Montana.
This image is from the end of an incredible week long trip in Glaicier National Park in Montana.  It's referred to as The North Circle, typically beginning and ending at Many Glacier.  However, we elected to start at Logan Pass and end at Many Glacier (with a shuttle back to Logan Pass).

Our variation of this fantastic trip had us visiting such sights as The Garden Wall, Granite Park, Fifty Mountain, Sue Bench, Stoney Indian Pass & Lake, Belly River, Glenns Lake, Mokowanis River & Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Dawn Mist Falls and Ptarmigan Tunnel, and more!  It's a trip that will live in my mind forever, and one that I would like to do again someday.

This image captured my hiking partner, Greg Moo, as we made our final ascent up the trail to Ptarmigan Tunnel.  This section of trail on the north side of the tunnel was blasted from the rock in 1931 as a means to access the Belly River drainage from Swiftcurrent.  This image was recently published in a worldwide design publication.

You can view more images from this wonderful national park in my Glacier National Park Gallery.

As always, thanks for looking!