Friday, December 31, 2010

Views from Discovery Park

The last day of 2010 and how did I spend my morning? Visiting a location I have never been too - Discovery Park in Seattle!

To top it off, it was pretty much an accident. I left home this morning to visit the piers on the Seattle waterfront, only to realize that I had forgotten my wallet at home, and thus had no means to pay for parking (there were some other obvious concerns too, which will go without saying).

So I continued along the waterfront towards the Magnolia Bridge, visiting Elliott Bay Park, Magnolia Park, and finally, Discovery Park.

Discovery Park is a lot bigger than I imagined. And those rabits...

I followed the loop trail from the south parking lot towards the water and soon found some nice, uncompromised views of the Olympics. Despite the cold, there was still a lot of haze in the air.
It was fun seeing the Olympic Mountains in all their winter splendor, and from a new vantage point. I definitely have reason to return!

Tonight and tomorrow I hope to continue my streak of visiting new places around the city. Stay tuned!

Oh, and have a fun and safe New Years!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls and Flooding in the Snoqualmie Valley

It's that time of year again. It's the rainy season in the Pacific Northwest, and the time of year that rivers crest near or even above their banks. The Snoqualmie River is one of such rivers, as is the nearby Tolt River.

Yesterday the Snoqualmie River crested above flood stage, measuring 33,600 cubic feet per second at Snoqualmie Falls (46,000 cubic feet per second in the lower valley).

Of course, this is not even close to the river's volume during record flooding in 2009 when I composed this night image of the falls from the observation deck. Access to the falls was difficult with many road closures, and the drive a little unnerving while driving over a bridge very nearly at the level of the rushing water!

December typically marks another fun time to see the falls as well - during cold, freezing temperatures! Of course, this can happen in January and February too.

Unfortunately, the lower trail to the viewpoint near the base of the falls is now closed for reconstruction, and will be until 2013. However, I think the best views of the falls are from the upper observation deck anyway, which are still accessible.

Snoqualmie Falls is impressive to see at any time of year, plummeting 268' with shear power and strength. It is one of many waterfalls along the three forks of the Snoqualmie River, which also include Kanim Falls (200'), Nellie Falls (150'), Twin Falls (135'), Franklin Falls (135'), and many, many more.

Snoqualmie Falls is the most accessible of all the falls, with a paved trail from the parking lot and restrooms and gift shop. When was the last time you visited? Might it be time?

For more images, be sure and check out my Snoqualmie Falls Gallery on my web site!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mount Rainier - A Nice Christmas Gift!

Living so close to Mount Rainier National Park has given me many opportunities to enjoy this wonderful national treasure. I have hiked nearly every trail within the park, and climbed to its lofty 14,411' summit multiple times.

So when Hancock House Publishing approached me about doing a book on photographing the park, how could I say no?

Mount Rainier offers excellent photography opportunities year round, and to enjoy this mountain in every season is truly a special opportunity.

Mount Rainier is a collection of my favorite photographs taken throughout Mount Rainier National Park, and includes my hints and recommendations about where, when and how to achieve successful photographic images of the park. I have broken my recommendations down by season, and even by weather. There is always something to photograph in the park!

If you're not a photographer, you can simply enjoy the artistic images and the moods and emotions they elicit as you take a visual tour through this beautiful national park. I try to explain the attraction of each area and the beauty such areas hold in certain seasons. Let's face it, you don't have to be toting a camera to appreciate the beauty of our wilderness! Hopefully, my images and descriptions will convince you to visit this wonderful park soon!

Mount Rainier is available for purchase for only $9.95 plus S&H, and would make an excellent Christmas gift!

Also, feel free to check out my Rainier gallery, whether to purchase a print, poster, or just to peruse for your enjoyment!