Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seattle Center

The Seattle Center is always a fun place to visit!

There is so much to do, whether it is visiting the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Pacific Science Center, Fun Forest Amusement Park, riding the Monorail, or just walking around and enjoying such sights as the International Fountain.

In fact, I had forgotten just how much there was to do! We arrived early last Sunday and enjoyed some quiet time as we strolled around the grounds. It was quite peaceful.

It's still early to catch spring blossoms. The trees are still bare, awaiting their spring foliage. Only daffodils greeted us on this day.

Of course, it didn't take long for visitors to start arriving. After a quick ride on the monorail to Westlake Center and back, we ventured over to the Space Needle and waited our turn in line for tickets.

It's only April, yet the number of foreign visitors standing in line were numerous. All seemed quite excited to visit this Seattle icon.

We secured our tickets and made our way up the ramp to the entrance to the elevators. Of course, my backpack full of camera gear immediately caught the interest of security and I was called over to a desk for a quick inspection. I emphasize quick and must add very polite and extremely friendly in describing the security officer.

The views that awaited us from the top were superlative. Conditions were pleasant out on the deck and Mt. Rainier could be seen in the distance behind the city skyline.

To the west, snow-covered Olympic Mountains stood majestic over Puget Sound while ships navigated their way to and fro.

Below us, the rides of the Fun Forest Amusement Park began to come to life, as did the fountains around the park.

Unfortunately, prior commitments dictated that it was time for us to leave. Oh, but there was so much more to do. Another time - and soon!

Now is an excellent time to visit the Seattle Center, before the real crowds arrive. Pack the family and plan a full day to visit this city treasure. Any less and you will be disappointed!

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