Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 10 Posts for 2011

Happy New Year!  For my first post of 2012, I thought I would take the time to look back at my most popular (most viewed) posts of 2011, and see what everyone was looking at.

My most viewed post by far is from an extended backpacking trip I did in Glacier National Park in Montana:

The North Circle - Glacier National Park

However, while this was my most viewed post in 2011, the post itself is from 2009.  Hard to believe it has already been 2-1/2 years, but it is true.

So, here are the most popular posts from 2011:

1.  Dr. Jose Rizal Park - Wow!

2.  Photographing Yellowstone National Park.

3.  New Wind River Gallery!

4.  New Year's Eve from Kerry Park.

5.  A Special Offer for the Holidays.

6.  Craig Romano & Don Geyer - A Special Book Offer.

7.  Buy Our Archival Quality Note Cards.

8.  Photographing Fall Canyon in Death Valley National Park.

9.  Yosemite National Park in Spring.

10A.  Buck-and-Rail Fences in Grand Teton National Park.

10B.  Photographing the Racetrack in Death Valley National Park.

That's right, there was a tie for the ten spot!

Some surprises with this list?  You bet.  I would not have guessed that a cityscape post would be my most viewed post from the year.  I also was surprised that my extended backpacking trip to Buck Creek Pass/Image Lake/Spider Gap in the Glacier Peak Wilderness of Washington did not crack the top ten.

So, what will be new for 2012?  Lots!  For starters, I will begin working on additional galleries to my web site, to include wildlife and Seattle/Puget Sound.  I also will be adding new images to my North Cascades Gallery. 

In the coming months I will be visiting the Skagit Valley and Fir Island to photograph eagles and snow geese.  I will also be spending more time at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge.  March will find me visiting Othello, WA for the Othello Sand Crane Festival.  I have never been to this event.

Special photography trips I am contemplating this year include Southern Utah, Wind River Range, the Eastern Sierra and Canadian Rockies.  I will not be able to visit all these destinations, so I will have to choose.

In 2012 I plan to add a new element to my blog as well:  I plan to share my personal photography techniques to include everything from trip planning to lighting to compositions and more.  I hope others will find some of my suggestions helpful.  If you have any specific subjects you would like me to write about, feel free to post a comment or shoot me an e-mail.  I am always open to suggestions!

Here is to a happy 2012!

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