Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Western Byways - Wyoming Edition

I'm currently editing images from my recent trip to the Canadian Rockies.  Hopefully I will be able to share soon!

In the meantime, I realize I haven't shared any recent published work.  Let's change that with this current cover image for Western Byways - Wyoming Edition.

This image is of Elephant Head reflected in a small tarn near Island Lake.  I'm not sure I would have captured this image had an unfortunate event not altered our trip.

We were only about 2 miles up the trail when I turned my ankle and crumpled to the ground in pain. I couldn't seem to walk it off, and the pain grew worse as I rested. In my mind, we had traveled too far (from Washington) to turn back. We still had 8 more miles to hike to get to Island Lake - our desired camp.

Eventually, with the help of trekking poles, I was able to force some weight onto the ankle and get back on it. We continued up the trail at a snail's pace, probably 1/3 of my normal hiking speed. I found myself focusing on stepping squarely each step; a tedious and disconcerting process.

We successfully arrived at Island Lake late in the day and found a nice campsite. It would be our home for the next few days.

With the ankle injury, there would be no wanderings into Upper Titcomb Basin or Indian Basin on this trip, as originally planned. I had explored both areas on a previous trip and desperately wanted to return for photography. Instead, I focused my photography around Island Lake in mornings and evenings, which offered some benefits and new learning experiences.

What did I do during the middle of the day? Mostly rest and soak my ankle. After all, I had 10 miles of hiking ahead of me to get back to my truck!

We still enjoyed our trip immensely. How could we not with such beauty all around us? After all, we were in the Winds! We experienced beautiful sunrises and sunsets, afternoon lightning storms, and beautiful rainbows.

More images from this trip and others in the Wind River range can be viewed in my Wind River Gallery.

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