Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Enjoying the Backcountry of Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier reflected in a tarn at sunset near Indian Henry's
Hunting Ground.
Mount Rainier National Park is a magical place to visit in the summer months, especially when flower meadows are on display.  Flowers typically start appearing in mid-July in the high country and can last into September.

One of my favorite places within the park to stretch my legs is on the west side, to the many destinations up the West Side Road.  For motivated hikers, a loop trip can easily be done up the West Side Road to Klapatche Park, then follow the Wonderland Trail south through St. Andrews Park, down to the South Puyallup River, up to Emerald Ridge, and on to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground as a side trip before backtracking to the Tahoma Creek Trail and descending it back to the road, and following the road back to the car.  I have done this trip in both directions, and find it a fun and rewarding full day outing.

But as a photographer, an even better reward is to camp along the way, allowing one to experience the beauty and serenity of sunrise and sunset from such extraordinary locations.  Such moments in the mountains can be very special and memorable.

This image was taken during a backpack with my son to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground last summer.  We approached via Kautz Creek, camped at Devil's Dream Camp, and spent the evening wandering the meadows of Indian Henry's and the tarns near Mirror Lakes, where this image was taken.

This reflection image of Mount Rainier will be appearing in an up-coming issue of Backpacker Magazine.

You may view many more of my Mount Rainier images by visiting my Mount Rainier gallery at

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