Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Remote View in North Cascades National Park

Forbidden Peak and Mount Torment above Moraine Lake, as seen from Eldorado, North Cascades National Park, Washington.
Forbidden Peak above Moraine Lake in North Cascades National Park.
North Cascades National Park offers some amazing remote locations that have to be visited to be fully appreciated.  The Eldorado Peak area is one of them.

This image of Forbidden Peak and Mount Torment above Moraine Lake was composed from near camp on the Eldorado Glacier in the heart of the North Cascades.  It was taken during an extended climbing trip, which included summiting Eldorado, Klawatti, Austera and Primus Peaks (otherwise known as the Klawatti traverse).  This is almost all glacier travel, with some glaciers being heavily crevassed.

This area sports some of the most rugged and impressive glaciers I have ever seen, especially along the backside of the Tepah Towers.  If you are a climber and properly trained and equipped for glacier travel, I highly recommend an extended visit to this area.

The area is most often approached from the Cascade River Road via an extremely steep climber's path after a precarious river crossing.  It can also be approached from Sibley Creek further down the Cascade River Road.  Other less common approaches include Thunder Creek and Snowfield Peak, though these approaches involve heavy bushwhacking and multi-day travel.

This image was recently licensed for world-wide editorial usage in the education industry.

You may view other images from this and nearby areas in my North Cascades Gallery.

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