Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Awesome! Brochure - Mount St. Helens

2011 Awesome! brochure.
I was originally approached by Visit Mt. St. Helens for one of my published St. Helens images.  After a face-to-face meeting and learning the scope of the project, I set up a light box that included many more images.  One of the images was of my daughter on The Boundary Trail, a hike we did only last year.

My efforts were rewarded.  Instead of a single image sale, it turned into a package deal - which included the image of my daughter hiking for the cover.  Can you say proud dad?  I also think it is a strong image in the layout used - very strong in fact; a child selling the attraction, and the composition well laid out (thanks Saskia!).  Of course, I may be bias!

Many other images were included in the brochure (see my previous post). 

If you get down to Mount St. Helens - and I strongly recommend that you do, pick up a copy of the brochure.  It gives helpful information on lodging, recreation, attractions, tours, eating, and more!

I would like to personally thank the staff of Visit Mt. St. Helens for considering me for their brochure - a project to be proud of!

Interested in more?  See my previous post for more images!

You can view many more images of Mount St. Helens in my Central Cascades Gallery.

As always, thank you for reading my blog!

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