Friday, July 8, 2011

Visit Mt. St. Helens!

Awesome!  brochure.
Next time you visit Mt. St. Helens, make sure you pick up a copy of the 2011 Awesome! brochure published by the Mount St. Helens Cowlitz County Tourism Bureau.  It offers a wealth of information on recreation, lodging, tours, dining, etc. (also, check out their web site)

The brochure includes several of my images, starting with the cover photo of my daughter hiking along the Boundary Trail (pictured below).  The inside cover, shown to the left, was taken last summer on Johnstone Ridge during the height of flower season.

Other images include:

Mount St. Helens at sunrise.

Mount St. Helens from Johnston Ridge.
Hiker and Mount St. Helens.
If you wish to view more of my images of Mount St. Helens, please check out my Central Cascades Gallery!  Hope to see you on the trail!

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