Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Island Lake, Wind River Range

Early light on an unnamed bluff near Island Lake in the Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA.
Island Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming.
The Wind River Range in Wyoming is one of my favorite hiking, climbing and photography playgrounds.  The area has become considerably more popular in recent years, namely the Cirque of the Towers and Titcomb Basin areas (other areas can still be void of people!).

This image of an unnamed bluff at Island Lake was taken shortly after sunrise, very near camp.  I had backpacked in with big climbing aspirations, only to turn my ankle in the first couple miles of the hike.  With trekking poles I was able to continue the hike at a snail's pace to our destination, but that was it.  I spent the next several days resting my ankle and soaking it in the cold water in hopes of prepping it for the hike out.  It seemed to work!

This image recently appeared in a national newspaper in the U.K., supporting an editorial article about dumb hikers who injure themselves in the backcountry.  I'm kidding of course!  At least about the article content anyway.

If you are interested in the Wind River area, I invite you to view my Wind River Gallery for many more images.  I hope they motivate you to consider paying the area a visit.

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