Monday, July 13, 2015

Washington Trails Magazine

I would like to thank Eli Boschetto and the gang at Washington Trails Association for selecting my image of Glacier Peak and Image Lake for their July/August cover.

This image was taken during an amazing 5-day backpacking trip, starting and ending at Trinity, at the end of the Chiwawa River Road.  I connected Buck Creek Pass, Image Lake, Cloudy Pass, Lyman Lakes, Spider Gap and Spider Meadows on this adventure.

At the time I did this trip, access to the Glacier Peak Wilderness had restricted access from the west side due to serious flood damage along its primary access routes.  This included the Suattle River Road and the White Chuck River trail.  For hikers, this meant heading east of the crest for the easiest access to this area.

That has now changed.  After being closed for more than a decade due to limited budget, legal battles with over-the-top environmental groups, and complicated redesign plans, the Suattle River Road was opened to vehicle traffic on October 25th, 2014.  It gives access once again to 120 miles of hiking trails, including the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

The Suattle River Road is also a key entry/exit point for one of the most famous high country traverses in our state, the Ptarmigan traverse.  I have done this traverse several times, and am excited about doing it again in the coming years (fingers crossed!).  This traverse begins at Cascade Pass in North Cascades National Park and ends at Downey Creek along the Suattle River Road (or vice versa).

I hope you get out to visit some of the amazing scenery this area has to offer.  Hope to see you on the trail!

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