Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More New Postcards!

More samples of my new postcards arrived in the mail the other day. The latest postcards are of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier.

Both images used are pretty special to me. The Mt. St. Helens image is from a fantastic backpack I did with my dad a couple of years ago. The trip generated more stories than any of our other trips in recent memory! I have also had over half a dozen images from this trip published now, appearing in calendars, magazines and now postcards - bonus!

The Mt. Rainier image was captured on a cloudy morning while spending a vacation at Mounthaven Resort near the Nisqually Entrance to the park.

My wife and I arrived at Paradise to whiteout conditions early one morning. Not feeling particularly good about our chances, we drove down to Reflection Lakes. I set up in the fog with only one other photographer around, and waited and hoped. The mountain appeared only moments before this image was taken. For me, it was well worth the wait!

This image appears in my Wild West wall calendar (this month!) and my book Mt. Rainier.

These postcards join another from a pretty special trip along the waterfront in Seattle. But I've already told that story (see New Postcard post!)

These postards are now available in many stores and tourist destinations around the state of Washington if you are interested. I do not have any to sell from the website - sorry.

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