Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bears will be Bears!

Ok, so I lifted the title from my son's Yosemite National Park t-shirt!  It seemed appropriate.  After all, 'tis bear season in the Pacific Northwest.  Currently, bears are commonly being spotted along the Hoh River, Quinault River (duh!), Elwah River, Dosewalips River and Skokomish River in Olympic National Park (probably many more areas, too).  They are also making their presence known in Mount Rainier National Park, especially around the White River CG.

I thought I would share some images from last weekend.  These won't be up on my web site for some time, so you are part of the limited audience that will see them.  Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Wow, Don, I missed these bear photos; just now saw 'em. That's a healthy-looking bear!

  2. I'm hoping he's not the one creating a disturbance up in Glacier Basin now.

  3. BTW - these are actually of a couple different bears.