Monday, September 7, 2009

Cape Perpetua - Tillicum Beach

We continued our journey south from Canon Beach to our next destination - Tillicum Beach. Clouds prevented much photography while visiting lighthouses at Cape Mears and Yaquina Head, but they were fun visits nonetheless.

At Tillicum Beach the late afternoon skies began to show hints that the clouds might burn off, so we ventured off towards Yachats and Cape Perpetua.

Cape Perpetua might be the most scenic stretch of Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast. The views are simply amazing as the road hugs this rugged coastline. After exploring up and down the highway, I settled on the area around Spouting Horn to enjoy sunset. After being in clouds and fog all day, watching the sunset was quite enjoyable and uplifting.

Rain was forecast for the next day, so I was surprised to wake up to mostly clear skies. Through the trees I could see a rainbow beginning to appear to the west in a cloud bank. I grabbed my camera and hastily made my way towards the beach. Witnessing a rainbow over the ocean and at sunrise were both firsts for me. I knew the rainbow signified moisture in the clouds. Little did I know just how much!

The rainbow lasted for a considerable length of time and captivated the interests of more and more people as they awoke and became aware of it.

Eventually all good things must come to an end and this rainbow proved to be no exception. I ventured back to camp where we packed up our belongings and set out on the road again towards Bandon.

The first rain drops began to hit our windshield as we left the campground. Soon we were driving thru a steady rain that would last for the next 5 hours.

We did hike to the Haceta Lighthouse in the rain. Of course, it wasn't open yet so there was no escape from the wind and rain.

A stop at the Sea Lion Caves found the sea lions to be feeding out at sea, having left the cave two weeks prior.

We did manage a tour of Umpqua Lighthouse amid the rain drops, followed by lunch at the wet picnic area before continuing south.

Oh, to see some sun again.

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