Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oregon Coast

I just returned from an enjoyable trip to the Oregon Coast. We had a fantastic time, though weather posed some photography challenges. Hey, but who's to complain?

The famous view of Crescent Beach (near) and Canon Beach (far) from a view point in Ecola State Park is pictured here. This was a great place to hang out on a late afternoon and was only 10 minutes from our hotel room in Canon Beach.

Unfortunately it was an expensive visit as I lost a pouch of filters here as well. I realized this, of course, while shooting sunset back at Canon Beach. The good news is that, due to my bad habit of not putting my filters away properly while immersed in shooting a scene, my two most critical filters never made it back into the pouch and were still with me. Ah, trip saved!

I am still working on editing images, which I hope to share soon. Stay tuned!

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