Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boulder Peak in Glacier National Park

While working on images for my upcoming Glacier NP Gallery, I revisited a trip to Boulder Pass and Hole in the Wall that I did with my wife back in 1997. I was shooting Fuji Velvia in those days - long before the age of digital.

While camped at Boulder Pass, I jaunted up Boulder Peak in the evening and enjoyed this view of the Boulder Pass vicinity and out to Hole-in-the-Wall. I never thought to stitch these two images together until this morning - 14 years later!

Despite a bad wildfire just outside the western boundaries of the park during our visit, we had a great time. Our trip included seeing many bears around Upper and Lower Kintla Lake, as well as a young Grizzly around our camp at Hole in the Wall.

This was my third trip to Glacier, and I have been back several times since then. Recently I completed a variation of The North Circle, traveling cross-country from Fifty Mountain to Stony Indian Pass via Sue Lake. It was a most excellent trip!

Last summer, I visited again with family and enjoyed photographing areas around Logan Pass and St. Mary's Lake. Despite having a broken toe, I also did the Dawson-Pitamakan loop, with a side trip to No Name Lake and repeat climb of Flinsch Peak.

Earlier trips have taken me to the likes of Gunsight Lake, Cracker Lake, Otokomi Lake, Iceberg Lake, Comeau Pass & Sperry Glacier, and climbs of Mt. Gould, Mt. Siyeh & Gunsight Peak.

Glacier National Park has always been a favorite of mine, and I am sure I will return again with further ambitions.

I hope to have my Glacier NP gallery up in the coming days - stay tuned!

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