Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Glacier National Park Gallery

My new Glacier National Park Gallery is live! These images cover a span of nearly 15 years, and are comprised of at least six different trips to the park (at least that I can count!).

My first time visiting the park was a two-week visit comprised of overnight backpacks - nothing extended. I visited the likes of Gunsight Lake, Otokomi Lake, Cracker Lake, Sperry Glacier, and some destinations up in Waterton National Park.

My second visit was mostly peak-bagging adventures, knocking off the likes of Gould, Siyeh, Gunsight, Flinsch etc., and some day hikes with my wife to Iceberg Lake, Garden Wall, etc.

My third visit was with a good friend, but fell victim to weather. We did get a visit in to Comeau Pass, Sperry Glacier and another visit to the summit of Gunsight Peak, however. We camped near the Sperry Chalet, which was closed for construction.

My fourth visit was a backpacking trip with my wife up the North Fork - a trip to Boulder Pass and Hole-in-the-Wall (see previous post). This trip included the most bear sightings I have ever experienced in the park - all black bears, except for the young grizzly at Hole-in-the-Wall.

My fifth visit was to backpack a variation of the North Circle with a climbing friend. We hiked the Garden Wall to Granite Park (where I took the first photograph above), continued on the Highline trail to Fifty Mountain, then we made it interesting! We climbed over the shoulder of Mt. Kipp and followed the Chaney Glacier route down to Sue Lake. From there, we continued our cross-country trek to Stoney Indian Pass and Stoney Indian Lake, then continued the North Circle route to Mokowanis Lake and up to Elizabeth Lake before crossing thru Ptarmigan Tunnel and descending to Many Glacier - an incredible trip!

Finally, last summer I visited the park with family, focusing on mostly roadside photography. However, my wife and I did the Garden Wall trail one-way, exiting at the switchback. Later while staying at Two Medicine Lake, I did the Dawson-Pitamakan loop, visiting No Name Lake and climbing Flinsch Peak along the way - all this with a broken toe! The toe hurt quite a bit on the Garden Wall hike, but was pretty much a non-factor on the Dawson-Pitamakan trip.

I plan to have more gallery updates to share soon! I'm still deciding which is next, but am leaning toward the Wind River Range. We'll see - check back soon!


  1. There's some fantastic material in that glacier park gallery . . . youre a busy man don! Tony Bynum (if youre interested i just got though putting up my glacier portfolio http://tonybynum.photoshelter.com/portfolio/G0000_YLNLRNgoaI

    Cheers Don, and Happy Shooting! Tony Bynum

  2. Thanks Tony! I have always loved Glacier. Last year's visit was a little interesting as we just missed being part of a crime scene at Two Medicine by 5-10 minutes. This was the same week Jack Hanna had his bear encounter up at Many Glacier!

    I'll check out your gallery, Tony!