Monday, January 17, 2011

New Wind River Range Gallery!

I have always loved the Wind River Range in Wyoming. In fact, I'm quite amazed much of it isn't a national park as its scenery would certainly rival other locations with such acclaim. Of course, once you've spent time in the area and absorbed the local culture, your realize what a difficult battle it would be. You see, this is cowboy country, and many people still make their living off the land. They don't take kindly to the perceived threat of government regulations.

I have visited the Wind Rivers many times, and have repeated trips to both Island Lake/Titcomb Basin and Cirque of the Towers. Both are amazing. My last visit found me venturing to the east side of the mountains and investigating the Cook Lake area as well. Though I did some quick exploring, I certainly can describe my visit as incomplete at best.

My favorite area is of course Cirque of the Towers. This is a popular rock climbing area for obvious reasons, and attracts serious climbers from all over the world. Only the big walls of Yosemite rival it for sport climbing in North America.

But its about more than rock climbing - it's about beautiful rock spires in a grandiose setting. It's a place where one can spend many days and never tire of the surroundings, whether exploring the many side trips available to the motivated hiker, or simply enjoying the inebriation one falls victim to within the supreme setting of the cirque itself.

Another favorite of mine is Island Lake and Titcomb Basin, approached from the Elkhart Entrance near Pinedale. This is a fantastic destination with a lot of exploration available - whether it's wandering up toward Dinwoody Pass, exploring neighboring Indian Basin (recommended), scrambling up Fremont Peak (third highest peak in Wyoming), or maybe experiencing the many lakes along the Highline Trail. Of course, there is always staying put and enjoying the reflections in Island Lake as well! As with Cirque of the Towers, I recommend multiple days to enjoy this area. Anything less than 4-5 days is cheating yourself of the experience!

I've included many images from the area in my new Wind River Gallery and hope you will find time to visit, if only a moment. Maybe it will motivate you to visit the area for yourself. Or possibly it will tug at your curiosity to investigate other, more creative options. Or just maybe, you will simply find an image that touches you in a special way.

As always, thank you for your interest in my photography and taking the time to read my blog.

Next up? Quite possibly Grand Teton NP. Check back!


  1. Great pictures! We should count or blessings that the Winds are NOT a Nat'l Park! The number of people at Yellowstone and the Tetons are scary!! The Winds are unknown to the vast majority of Park tourists and if we are lucky it will always stay that way!
    Happy Travels

  2. I agree with you Carol! However, the Wind Rivers would not have the access of Teton or Yellowstone if it were ever considered. I would pair it more to North Cascades National Park here in Washington, where you have to get into the backcountry to truly experience it.