Friday, June 8, 2012

2013 Mountains of Washington Wall Calendar

Flowers on Mazama Ridge below Mount Rainier
I'm proud to announce that my image of flowers on Mazama Ridge below Mount Rainier will be included in the 2013 Mountains of Washington wall calendar published and distributed by Smith-Western.  It's the second time this image has appeared in their calendar line.

This image was taken during a particularly strong flower year, the likes I have not seen equaled over the past several years.  Despite appearing to be taken during mid-day, this was actually taken within an hour or so of sunrise to capitalize on the softer light.

These calendars are typically readily available in many of your favorite stores.  In past years I have seen them at Fred Meyer, Rite-Aid, Bartells, Made In Washington, The Space Needle, etc.  Keep your eyes open!

I will also be selling them on my web site and at my upcoming shows.  Details to follow soon!

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