Monday, June 4, 2012

WTA Hike-A-Thon Winner Prize

Matt Loesch and Don Geyer on Iron Peak summit.
Congratulations to the winning 2011 Washington Trails Association Hike-a-Thon photo winners!  Yes, this was an event that took place last summer, but the prize was only claimed this past weekend.  And the prize was? so to speak!

Winning contestants got to spend time with me on the trail, while I offered photography tips and suggestions.

Well, that was the plan anyway!

The reality is that one winner is currently hiking the entire PCT, another was running a marathon in San Diego, and a third had a family member fall ill at the last moment.

This left Matt.  Matt wasn't very interested in photographing flowers along Ingalls Creek as had originally been planned - he wanted to go high for views. So we called an audible and headed up the Teanaway, targeting Iron Peak.

It was a fun adventure.  Matt summited his first peak outside of Mt. Pilchuck, and signed his first summit register!  He also experienced his first time of extensive snow travel (and there was a lot of snow).

This was a fun event, and one that I have been looking forward to ever since signing on last September.  Thanks for a fun day and great company, Matt!

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