Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Colors along Box Canyon Creek

A couple of weeks ago my friend Greg Vaughn and I had planned a trip up to Rampart Lakes to experience the fall colors. The trip fell through at the last moment due to me falling ill, but it remained on my mind.

Unfortunately, Greg's schedule wouldn't allow him to join me last weekend. And it was unfortunate, because he would have thoroughly enjoyed the colors at near peak conditions!

Driving to the TH along FS Road 4936, I couldn't help but notice a waterfall with yellow vine maple above it along Box Canyon Creek. The rock around it was also very interesting. I got out and scouted the area, choosing to descend down to the creek in search of interesting foreground. I didn't find much. I played with some things, but nothing I was very excited about. I slowly began working my way back to the truck, still keeping my eyes open for potential items of interest. Then I noticed a crimson colored bush slightly below me on the down-trending slope. I knelt down to view it from knee level and liked the possibilities. I composed several compositions similar to that above - all while laying on my side and my tripod low to the ground. I like this one the best.

Then it was off to the Rachel Lake TH - coming next!

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